For Teens

What is 8Rate?
8Rate is program where teens can get rush tickets for shows at a flat rate of $8 — that’s less than most movie tickets, which we think is pretty cool.


How does the 8Rate program work?
1) Pick a show at any participating theater (current list of theaters here; current show listings here).
2) On the day you want to see the show, we highly suggest calling the box office to ask if they expect rush tickets to be available.
3) On the night that you want to see the show, arrive at the theater at the time specified in their profile (the earlier you arrive, the higher your chance of getting in).
4) Show your UP NEXT 8RATE PASS at the box office and ask if there any rush tickets available. (Don’t have an 8Rate Pass? Get one here.)
5) If there are seats available, you can buy a ticket for $8 (cash only).

What Theaters Offer 8Rate?
Check ‘em out here!

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