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What is 8Rate? 8Rate is an Up Next sponsored Bay-Area-wide program through which teens (ages 13-19) can get rush tickets for all shows at participating theaters for a flat rate of $8. Our goal is to have the 8Rate program at as many Bay Area theaters as possible, allowing teens access to all corners of the Bay Area theater scene. SIGN UP TODAY!

How 8Rate works at your theater:
1) You can sign your theater at any time up by filling out this form.
2) We contact you for confirmation and any questions that either of us may have.
3) All of your upcoming shows would be listed on our calendar and weekly newsletters, and your theater would be listed here. Teens will now be able to purchase $8 rush tickets to any performance of any show at your theater, as long as there are open seats.
4) Empty seats become available to teens as day-of rush tickets only. Some may call the box office ahead of time to check availability, but 8Rate tickets can only be purchased at the door.
5) Teens arrive at the box office and show the 8Rate Pass that has been mailed out to them, complete with their name and and expiration date (the day they turn 20). If you’d like them to show some form of ID along with the pass, they’ll be prepared to do that as well. They’ll pay $8 (cash only) for their day-of rush ticket and fill those seats.

But our theater already offers rush tickets/student discounts.
That’s awesome and we totally support that! However, our program is a bit different because it creates consistency in the ticket-buying process for teens. Instead of having teens keep a list (mental or physical) of the different theaters who offer student or rush tickets and the different prices and dates for each one, teens can look at one list and a) know the ticket price and b) feel comfortable with the ticket-buying process, since it’s the same across the board. That eliminates three barriers to attendance in one go!

Can we just have 8Rate for one show?
Unfortunately, no. Since part of the reason for 8Rate is having that consistency, it’s important that all of our 8Rate theaters are on board 100%. (Special events are exceptions — don’t worry, we won’t make you offer 8Rate tickets to your season opening one-night-only cabaret gala or anything like that!) If your theater is interested in participating in 8Rate but uncomfortable about full participation, send us an email and we’ll try to work something out.

We don’t have a box office phone number! Is that okay?
We can make that work! Ticket availability questions can be sent to your box office email address instead — though calling is easier for us teens since we usually don’t have access to email during the daytime.

You can read more about 8Rate here and view the current participating theaters here.

Send us an email at for more information or questions about getting your theater involved! We’d love to chat and set something up with you.

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