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Alona Bach (Founder, Director of Theater Communications): Alona recently graduated from Berkeley High and is currently on a gap year before heading to Harvard. She has spent ridiculous amounts of time and money on theater-going over the past four years, but thinks that it was very much worth it. In addition to theater-going, she has worked onstage with theater companies such as Just Theater, Symmetry Theater, Berkeley Playhouse, Paper Mill Playhouse, and CCT, and recently discovered that she enjoys playwriting (when she doesn’t have chronic writers’ block). She is very proud to be working on Up Next with such a wonderful team of teens.

Kenya Granich (Director of Marketing): Hey there, I’m Kenya Granich and I’m an incoming junior at College Prep. I’ve been a musical theatre buff for the past ten years, but can’t wait to direct new works some day! On any given weekend night you’ll find me either in the audience of one of my favorite local theaters or up on my high school stage performing a terribly low budget production of some sort. I think theatre is one of the most important tools young people can use to discover the world and themselves, and I encourage you to explore every aspect of it that you can!

Saskia Levy-Sheon (Director of School Outreach): Saskia grew up and currently lives on an urban farm in Oakland, CA. She graduated from Oakland Technical High School and will attend Bryn Mawr College in the fall of 2012. Saskia has been passionate about the performing arts since middle school. She has since interned with Opera Piccola and for two years was a member of OakTechRep, Oakland Tech’s award-winning theater company. She also has a passion for languages and sometimes forgets whether she is speaking English, French, Spanish, or Arabic.


Up Next also has a group of Core Members who are involved in keeping the organization running. Learn more about how you can become a Core Member here.

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