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For any of you out there that want to spread the word about inexpensive, awesome theater in the Bay Area — here’s your toolkit.

PART 1. Print the 1-sheet about what we do for your class or group of teens, enough for each person to take one.

PART 2. Print the 8Rate Pass order form (one for each person).

PART 3. Give our handy 2-minute-presentation, described below (or make up your own).

PART 4. Tell the teens to fill out the 8Rate Pass order forms. Once they’ve finished, collect the sheets.

PART 5. Input their information one sheet at a time into the form here. It’s quicker than it sounds.

PART 6. You’re done. You’re awesome. And you have our undying gratitude. Nobutseriously.

+ Ask the people who have seen a live show in the Bay Area to raise their hands.
+ Ask the people who enjoyed a live show in the Bay Area to keep their hands up.
+ Suggest that those who put their hands down have possibly been looking in the wrong places. Bay Area theater is hella cool.
+ Describe two hella cool Bay Area shows. EXAMPLE:

The Farm at Shotgun Players mixed hip-hop with spoken word with a steel-bar set — outdoors. Drumming, acting, and movement delivered by a multi-racial and very multi-talented cast.
Little Brother at Custom Made adapted Cory Doctorow’s novel as told by three of its main teen characters. The show used projections and characters switching between roles in seconds, along with movement sequences and surprising turns in the action.

+ Tell them that Up Next is an organization run by Bay Area teens, for Bay Area teens, to make sure that we all have access to shows like these.
+ How?

8RATE: Up Next organizes $8 tickets at select theaters (list on our website) available the day of the show only. Walk up to the box office, show your 8Rate pass, pay $8, see a show. That simple.
FREE TICKETS: Up Next also offers free tickets to shows. If you’re unsure about whether you’ll like something, just reserve a free ticket and try it out. Nothing to lose!

+ Tell them that we’ll keep them posted on the discounted shows via our calendar, email, and Facebook, and that if they want to get more involved, they should check out our website: www.upnextteens.org
+ Remind them to LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: It’s the best way to stay posted, and it only takes one button click.
+ Thank them for their time!

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